Everything You Need to Know About the MCA XBRL Validation Tool


Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the MCA XBRL Validation Tool. At Microvista, we are dedicated to providing you with the most up-to-date information and valuable insights to help you understand and utilize this powerful tool effectively. In this guide, we will delve into the key features, benefits, and implementation of this tool, equipping you with the knowledge to optimize its usage and stay ahead of the competition. 

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What is XBRL Filing Software? The Ultimate Guide of XBRL Software

XBRL filing software is a type of software. That is used to prepare and file financial and business reports in the XBRL format. XBRL(eXtensible Business Reporting Language), is a digital language and framework used to communicate business and financial information electronically.

This XBRL software is designed to tag financial data accurately in the XBRL format and also helps to validate and submit the XBRL report to regulatory bodies. It simplifies the process of preparing and presenting financial data in the XBRL format while ensuring accuracy and compliance with regulations.

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Filing of announcements in XBRL format on BSE listing centre

Circular By Bombay Stock Exchange(BSE) & Nation Stock Exchange(NSE) – Disclosure Under Regulation 30 of SEBI LODR in XBRL Format.

Notice No. 20230331-87 Notice Date 31 Mar 2023
Category Circulars Listed Companies Segment Equity
Subject Filing of announcements in XBRL format on BSE listing centre

The Company Secretary

All Listed Companies

Further to Exchange notice dated January 27, 2023, bearing no: 20230127-37 on the captioned subject for submitting corporate announcements under certain subjects, please note that the following announcements subjects filed under SEBI (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2015 (SEBI LODR) will be available in XBRL format with effect from April 01, 2023: (‘effective date’):


·         Disclosure under Regulation 30 of SEBI LODR:


1.  Issuance or forfeiture of securities, split or consolidation of shares, buyback of securities, any restriction on transferability of securities or alteration in terms or structure of existing securities including forfeiture, reissue of forfeited securities, alteration of calls, redemption of securities etc.

2.  Agreements (viz. shareholder agreement(s), joint venture agreement(s), family settlement agreement(s) (to the extent that it impacts management and control of the listed entity), agreement(s)/treaty(ies)/contract(s) with media companies) which are binding and not in normal course of business, revision(s) or amendment(s) and termination(s) thereof.

3.   Fraud/defaults by promoter or key managerial personnel or by listed entity or arrest of key managerial personnel or promoter.

4.      One time settlement with a bank

5. Resolution plan/ Restructuring in relation to loans/borrowings from banks/financial institutions (Inter-Creditors Agreement).

6.    Corporate Debt Restructuring.

7.    Notices of Shareholders Meeting


At the initial stage, the PDF filings will be considered by the Exchange as compliance under Regulation 30 of the SEBI LODR.  Further, all listed entities would be required to also submit the filings in XBRL mode within 24 hours of submission of the said PDF filing. At a later stage (date to be informed separately) Exchange will shift to only XBRL submission.

It may be noted that, XBRL utility for the above-mentioned subjects is available in XBRL section of the Listing Centre.


BSE has provided an online real-time Helpdesk to assist Users with their XBRL filings they may email queries if any to bse.xbrl@bseindia.com or call the Helpdesk on toll free number 1800 233 0445.