Artificial Intelligence

It is the process of enriching a machine with the capabilities of (ultimately) making informed judgments; largely categorized as predictions or classifications. This enrichment can be perceived as experience or knowledge, which a machine learns by observing patterns in related data.

AI is also characterized as the process of varied Human - Machine interactions, where the machine (progressively) learns to behave more and more like a human. This involves processing information at various levels, primarily: Language, Vision and Speech.


A few in-Demand use-cases

  • Information extraction from images (ID cards) or structured documents (invoices and receipts) or unstructured documents (contracts).
  • Recommendations, forecasting, prioritization and risk assessment based on quantifiable data record from users (through any business process or tracking).
  • Detecting maintenance (and anomalies) of software, hardware and any other low-fault tolerance equipment in real time.
  • Behavioral intelligence which can be applied to – emotive Chabot that adjust according to user sentiment or, marketing and engagement activities.

Our Consulting Services

We provide consulting at all levels of AI solution design, planning and execution.

Data Management

We provide the right set of technical skills, tools and solutions to integrate diverse internal and external data channels to a single source of consumption. We work with both cloud-based and in-house infrastructural setups.

Data Transformation

We provide with Vision (images) and Text based transformational expertise in terms of extracting data models and features that can be used for machine learning. The data-hungry machine learning models know exactly what patterns are useful for learning.

Machine Learning Models

Every requirement (AI use-case) can have a different machine learning algorithm that does the job in the background. We ensure that the client gets the right models for their solutions so that the results are reliable and accurate.

Statistical Analysis

We help design intelligent dashboards, that provide actionable intelligence in real time.

Our Solutions

Image Processing

Extracting information from an image (typically IDs) is an important AI use-case. We have solutions that can be quickly customized to extract information from ANY user IDs in 30 languages.

Image example: Social security cards, National ID cards, Passports, Driving licenses, Medical insurance cards, Residence Permits, etc.

Document Processing

Extracting text from structured, semi-structured and unstructured documents has become critical to many business processes. We have solutions that cater to all types of documents. We can extract such information from pre-trained models and ensure that all critical data is accurately extracted.

Document examples: Invoices, Receipts, Bank-statements, Payslips, Insurance forms, Tax forms, Contracts, etc.

Predictive Maintenance / Modeling

Regular maintenance is essential to smooth functioning of an organization. We provide solutions that can predict critical fault tolerance points for machines and various other hardware components, so that repair and replacement happens in due time.

Examples: Meters, office equipment – like computers and light fixtures, components of aircrafts, engines, pumps and other heavy machinery.

Interactive Chatbots to record customer needs and preferences

Providing personal human assistance for every customer request can become cost prohibitive very quickly. We provide intelligent bots that can be the first point of contact for customers. These bots can either directly provide the solutions to queries or, direct the customers to appropriate human agents.

Examples: Answers to frequently-asked-questions, recording customer preferences so that human agents can deal more effectively, etc.

Lead / Opportunity Scoring

We provide various solutions for tracking leads identified from data collected via websites and landing pages.

We can also help in identifying indecisive prospects and guiding them towards successful conversion.

Customer Engagement

We provide recommendation engines that can guide a customer to important landing points based on their customer profiles, preferences and viewed listings. We also provide solutions for activity capture i.e., integration of email, calendars and other activity tools and blogs.

Marketing and Communication

We can successfully identify effective communication / multi-media channels and trends from related lead conversions. We can also track customer adoption, as well as customer satisfaction with any website.

We provide solutions that can periodically contact customers with offers based on recorded preferences.

Process Automation

We provide solutions that can perform decisive automated steps for any business process based on organizational heuristics.

We provide pipelines for automated document creation, prompting for incomplete information in contracts, regular intimation for medical services and, automated communication to address typical grievances and requests for help.

Knowledge Graphs

Every organization has several connected informational components in their vertical and horizontal processes. These connections are not always obvious but, these might be valuable.

We provide knowledge-graph based solutions that are built on the ontology of such processes and their connections, where we can show a comprehensive view of value added by each element of the organization – from people to assets to liabilities.

We also provide data extraction and capabilities in knowledge graphs so that complex interconnected information about customers (their behaviors), processes and documents can be viewed in a straight-forward manner.

Intelligence Dashboards

We provide easily implementable and beautiful visualizations that can be quickly customized to every customer’s requirements to provide strong visual cues on various KPIs.

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As a leading Open Source development company in India, we bring expansive Web solutions.

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