XBRL Solution for Central Banks

Microvista has global XBRL solutions of Banks which covers Base II & Base III standards. Throughout the world many banking authority has mandate XBRL solutions for their statutory reporting. Microvista banking solutions are implemented in the Indian Banks for Reserve Bank of India Reporting & Mauritius bank for Central bank of Mauritius reporting.


Banking XBRL Taxonomy

Implement dimensional XBRL taxonomies for Banks covering capital adequacy, risk reporting and solvency rations.


Automated & Validated Filing

Once Microvista solutions is implemented then filings can happened through automated process with accurate and validated data.


Comprehensive Platform

Our XBRL solutions is end to end solutions for compliance reporting which start data gathering to reporting and it extends to public dissemination of the reported data in analytical format.


Decision Making & Analysis

XBRL data received through our solutions are in analytical format, which helps Banks to analyze the data and help them in decision making.

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