Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Salesforce Commerce brings all the capabilities and flexibility of Salesforce to the new world of business-to-business e-commerce. Easily enable your customers to buy anything, anytime with a modern e-commerce platform that includes rich search capabilities and a configurable marketplace. Increase repeat purchases and customer loyalty by giving them greater access to products and services through digital catalogues and smart recommendations that surface based on previous orders. With Salesforce B2B Commerce, you’ll deliver a seamless buying experience that drives higher sales and satisfied customers.


Store Management

Build a store that matches your brand and style with a variety of features. From your Store Management page, you can access tools to design and build your store, organize your products, configure your search index, set pricing, and make other administrative changes.

Reliable Purchase Process

Salesforce Commerce features enable business owners to easily manage their orders and control their purchase process. Buying products from an e-commerce site is effortless for customers of Salesforce with B2B commerce features baked into the platform. With sophisticated purchasing recommendations, the AI-powered search bar and the order tracking facility make it easier for them to pick products they want while also allowing them to check out the status of their purchases at any time with ease. Salesforce provides customers with an opportunity to change specific details of their order, negotiate current rates of products, alter shipping details, and more. All these features help companies win more repeat customers and drive repeat sales.

Omni-channel Shopping Experience

Salesforce Omni channel shopping platform offers a single shopping experience across multiple touchpoints such as desktop, mobile, and social to attract more customer traffic. Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s Omni-channel shopping experience solution allows B2B organizations to leverage the platform features like mobile responsive websites, flexible ordering, an organized checkout process, and a seamless shopping experience for customers.

Consumer & Corporate Buyer Personalization

B2B buyers expect a hyper-personalized buying experience. To make it happen, sales staff need a tool that helps them to manage the entire B2B ordering process on a single screen. Salesforce’s B2B Commerce Cloud give managers an easy way to improve their understanding of customer needs and provides flexible functionality supporting competitive strategies across geographies and industries.

Clear-cut & Illustrative Product Catalogue

Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud features allow businesses to create a highly engaging shopping experience for their customers by placing illustrative pictures of the products along with their descriptions on the e-commerce site in an easy-to-follow presentation. The platform helps wholesalers integrate product catalogues within client contracts and order details seamlessly so that they can view complete customer details in one unified view. With Salesforce Commerce Cloud features, businesses can achieve higher conversion rates and also provide customers with a good understanding of the business offerings so that they can make an informed buying decision within no time.

Inventory Management & Optimization

With the Salesforce B2B e-commerce platform, wholesalers can achieve a seamless order fulfilment process and have a clear and unified view of their inventory for their online and offline stores. Additionally, they can track and place orders for inventory stock based on the product order history, the product availability in the inventory, the sales generated by a product, and its shelf life.

Key Business Challenges & Our Approach

Lacking personalized user experience

To ensure their sales are as effective as possible, B2B vendors need to understand each customer’s situation and tailor their approach accordingly. We do this by leveraging data from multiple sources and combining it with third-party insight, the B2B manager can then personalize the experience for each B2B user.

No clear product catalogue

Doing business in today's world is no longer a piece of cake. The barrage of products and services out there can overwhelm consumers and make it difficult for them to find exactly what they’re looking for on an e-commerce website. In fact, research has shown that 40% of online shoppers abandon their shopping carts due to product information overload. We help you create a clear and attractive product catalogue that enables clients to easily identify your offerings. We also provide them with a visual description of your brand or company along with detailed information.

Data for multiple channels may be soiled

Soiled data across multiple channels is the biggest hindrance to streamlined operations. We can help your ERP software to integrate order management, accounting and a 360-degree view of your clients into a single, real-time system, providing complete liberty to customize the automation and functionality of your back-office system. With a strong ERP integration providing you with a clear, holistic view of your business and inventory levels, now you can strengthen overall operations to meet buyer expectations while improving efficiency and scalability.

Long & Complex B2B Process

Successful B2B marketers must understand the complex purchasing process of their target audience, as many different decision-makers are involved. We automate the buying cycle by researching a supplier and evaluating solutions for your products or services, followed by a thorough review of current suppliers, selection of a preferred supplier, and then negotiations before finalizing contracts.

Our Expertise/Services/Practices

Commerce Cloud Implementation

We have the Salesforce Commerce Cloud implementation expertise that comes with a deep understanding of Commerce Cloud functionality and architecture. We provide reliable and scalable solutions that are cost is effective with a fast turnaround time. We will help you in creating B2B e-commerce sites that generate more sales with the help of Salesforce B2B developers who are experts at providing user-friendly interfaces on the website.

Commerce Cloud Personalization

We will tailor a buyer’s shopping experience on your storefront to suit your organization's requirements. Personalization provides complete control over how buyers shop and interact with their catalogues. From controlling page layouts to adding widgets to pages or customizing the look and feel of your storefront, our experts will cater for you the perfect shopping experience that your buyers deserve.

Commerce Cloud Integration

Our Commerce Cloud integration capabilities provide you with seamless support for all the 3rd-party integrations points supported in B2B like shipping, inventory, pricing, and taxation integrations that work across B2B stores.

Commerce Cloud Consultancy & Strategy

Our B2B Commerce Cloud experts have worked on a breadth of applications and will help you implement the features and functions available to an end-user and the configuration and management options available to an administrator across B2B Commerce.

Commerce Cloud Data Migration & Automation

Source-to-Target migration of data can be challenging in Salesforce B2B Commerce. When refreshing sandboxes, the complexity of managing the data migrations to ensure that the source relationships are maintained is an issue that most SFDC orgs wrestle with. In Salesforce B2BCommerce, this entails base migration of three objects relating to the configuration of the application, as well as secondary (but still required objects) for Page Labels, Page Sections, Products, Price Lists and Specs. We've developed a proof of concept that leverages the Metadata API and Static Resources which will help you automate and efficiently manage your sandbox-to-production data flows.

Commerce Cloud Support & Maintenance

Keep your e-commerce website running smoothly, keep it updated with new visuals, add necessary features and keep security settings up to date. With our evaluative maintenance services, you don't have to worry about updating your website or store. We will help you get the most out of your B2B Commerce Cloud platform.

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