Salesforce Sales Cloud

With Sales Cloud, your team can win more deals with the right tools for each stage of the selling cycle. From connecting with leads to closing deals and more, you'll unleash your reps' potential. With advanced sales automation that simplifies business processes and tracks key performance indicators, teams work smarter and closer together. Strengthen customer relationships, increase account velocity and streamline all your work through, automating business processes so you can focus on closing more deals.


Account & Contact Management

With Salesforce Account Management, you'll feel like you're right in the middle of all your customers—no matter where they are. Tap into activity history, key contacts, customer communications and internal account discussions to stay in touch and improve overall effectiveness across all your channels by integrating with social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Opportunity Management

Watch your team's deals come to life with Opportunity Management. Know what's happening on each deal by stage, products, competition, and much more. Stay on top of the deals on your radar. With one glance, you'll know where to focus your attention.

Lead Management

Optimize your lead generation with the most powerful platform on the market. Home to a host of unique features, like Lead Targeting using Omni-Channel, Smart Leads and Lead Scoring, allow you to connect with and convert leads in real-time.

Process Automation

Edit and automate any business process with drag and drop simplicity in just minutes. Visual workflow is a new world for all users, from content managers to developers, who need to design and modify business processes with low code.


Your mobile device is your new office, with the power to connect, share and get more done than ever before Access your records and dashboards, update opportunities, log calls and respond to leads all from your mobile device without slowing down. Customize your mobile app experience to match your brand.

Reports & Dashboards

With reporting and business intelligence in the cloud, you can build reports with Salesforce's drag-and-drop report builder to create rich visualizations, complex calculations, and deep insights into your data.

Key Business Challenges & Our Approach

Sales teams are data rich and information poor

We will work with you to identify issues in your internal processes and make improvements which will affect your bottom line and even your culture.

Lack of understanding of customers’ journey

We will leverage the power of data and behavioral science to help you build, maintain and grow relationships with your customers. We’ll identify and tracks your top customers, then provides tools to help you follow up with them based on their unique habits and concerns.

Slow reaction speed

Monitoring sales data and responding to it at the moment is one of the best ways to ensure that your organization is moving in the right direction. We'll make sure you know exactly what's happening within your organization by using Sales Cloud tools to spot trends in real-time and make better decisions.

Living inside the core CRM bubble

We believe, that to meet your business goals in the competitive landscape, a flexible and agile approach to sales is needed. We’ll aid you to go beyond the core CRM to help your brand address business processes like lead velocity, pipeline acceleration and revenue growth and much more.

Our Expertise/Services/Practices

Organization Analysis

Our team of Business Analysts, Data Architects and Business Transformation Consultants has the expertise to align your business strategy with technology, design resilient enterprise architecture and build out your data platform. We help you achieve Transformation through a data-oriented approach to designing and implementing solutions that deliver real business value.

Implementing Sales Cloud from Scratch

Our experts will get you started on Sales Cloud by adding users, fine-tuning pre-existing features, importing data, setting up reports, or conducting a rollout. Your company will be using Sales Cloud in no time.

Moving Sales Operation from Legacy to Salesforce

Moving Sales Operation from Legacy to Salesforce could be a daunting process. We’ll help you to choose the right tools and transfer on-premises data and processes to the cloud, configure profiles and objects, and make sure your organization does not experience downtime during this transition.

Optimizing the use of Sales Cloud

You have invested in a heavy implementation of Sales Cloud and have an ambitious plan to grow your business. We will show you how to optimize the use of Sales Cloud by building a roadmap that is personalized for your company and its needs. We've helped many companies overcome the issues that arise from Sales Cloud implementations. We will help you to quickly identify which areas need improvement: from segmentation issues to complex call reporting issues or even difficulties around forecasting.

Sales Cloud Analytics

We’ll enable you to create and share Salesforce Analytics reports with customers, prospects and partners quickly and easily. With intuitive visualizations of your Salesforce data, we’ll turn your data into smarter sales by providing easy access to the information you need at any time.

CPQ Implementation

An effective CPQ implementation checks off all the boxes to get your digital quoting solution up and running efficiently. We make sure that you have a streamlined process that helps manage the complexity involved with quoting, ordering, pricing, and invoicing. The results include improved customer satisfaction, significantly reduced risk and compliance issues, 5%-10% added revenue due to cross-selling opportunities, decreased churn and more satisfied customers.

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