Salesforce Service Cloud

Service Cloud is built to make every customer interaction easier, more intuitive and rewarding with powerful new ways to engage, personalize and differentiate across every stage of the customer journey. With AI-powered automation it means both you and them get the most out of every interaction - from Chabot’s to live agent calls which makes it more personal and productive. By tracking every interaction in real-time all at once, small to big sized organizations can learn more about their customers.


Case Management

Resolve cases faster by viewing the entire context of a case and customer interactions in one streamlined dashboard. This lets you quickly triage and prioritize cases, leaving no customer in the dark. With Salesforce’s Case Management you can deliver consistently high-quality service to your customers and reduce errors with robust business rules that automate redundant tasks.

Lightning Service Console

Move away from static, soiled dashboards to a dynamic service center where agents can find what they need in an instant. Put everything that agents need on one screen for a 360-degree view of customers. Lightning Service Console delivers a best-in-class customer experience with an agent-centric design that allows you to easily configure the perfect customer service touchpoints, while increasing agent productivity.

Omni-channel Routing

Be sure that all of your cases get the right attention, automatically. With Omni-channel Routing you can route cases to the right agent automatically based on their skill set. This will deliver smarter service to your customers and help you use your agents more effectively across multiple channels.

Telephony Integration

With the power of CTI integration, you can communicate directly with customers while they are on the phone. Keep track of all your communications right within the console so you can quickly identify which customers have already been in touch and respond to them more proactively. All the information you need to manage your conversations – including notes, calls, and activities – flows directly into Salesforce, so there's no extra work involved. It's simple and smart, so you can optimize every phone call for maximum productivity.

Social Customer Service

Maximize your time and resources with Social Customer Service. Use this powerful social media monitoring, engagement, and analytics tool to monitor and respond faster to customer posts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and others. With Social Customer Service, you can engage the right customers at the right time.

Macros Automation

Automate your most common, repetitive tasks with Macros to resolve customer issues more efficiently and free up your support agents. Get tasks done in minutes instead of hours, allowing your agents more time to focus on real customer issues, not manual processes.

Reports & Dashboards

Stay on top of everything with real-time reports. Track cases and customer information for a 360-degree view of the customer. Gain valuable information that can help you be more efficient, make smarter decisions, and deliver great experiences to your customers.

Key Business Challenges & Our Approach

Customer service workflows aren’t aligned with the customer's journey

You may have an excellent knowledge base, FAQs and other support options for your customers, but you hit bottlenecks or breakdowns that go unnoticed and unaddressed. We help you to create touchpoints that focus on the customer’s journey. Once you’ve identified these points, we make sure there are avenues for support along the entire route via live chat, email or self-service channels like guides or FAQs. We also make the most of your customer data to align with the key business objectives.

No crisis management or disorganized escalation protocol

The last thing you want is to be caught off guard by a crisis. We make sure you have a plan in place so that customers are helped and your team can spend more time delighting them instead of being distracted by a sudden surge of tickets. The first step is to identify the different types of issues that arise, from those that can be handled by customer service agents to those that need the attention of someone higher up the chain. Then, put SOPs in place for handling each type. Next, let your teams call some shots regarding customer satisfaction. We aid them to avoid manual escalations by using custom workflows and automation to identify tickets needing immediate attention quickly so they can resolve them before customers get irate over waiting too long for an answer.

Slow response time

We make sure that customers get the right support and can receive it in the shortest time possible. AI Chabot’s are of great use as they can help you deliver fast responses even when your agents are busy or unavailable for a long time. Live chat is another convenient, fast and easy way to connect with your support staff. It provides immediate solutions to customer service problems and increases overall customer satisfaction.

No unified customer view

A unified customer view helps you to consolidate customer data & conversations across multiple channels in one place and provides a seamless experience while the customer interacts with your brand to achieve better customer understanding and faster issue resolution. We leverage Omni-channel and lightning console to provide a cohesive view of the customer.

Our Expertise/Services/Practices

Service Cloud Implementation

We offer you a tailored implementation of Salesforce Service Cloud that can give your team the expertise, insight and knowledge to create a fully customized service solution. A combination of best-of-breed services such as Case Management, Omni-Channel Routing, Service Process Automation and others allows you to build a complete customer support experience. This combination enables you to transform the way you deliver service today or innovate your way into the future.

Service Cloud Customization

Service Cloud's customizations represent a tremendous opportunity to build relationships with your customers and drive loyalty. Many of these services can be custom-built and cost-justified based on your needs, but it's important to know what you can and should customize. Our experts can walk you through some important suggestions that can help you achieve your goals, including integrating Service Cloud with community and product management tools, allowing customers to escalate cases quickly, implementing an account health monitoring system (AHMS), and powering the Service console with advanced search and more.

Service Cloud Integration

Cloud integration can make your business more competitive and efficient. We’re experts at solving complex Salesforce integration challenges and streamlining processes for your sales and customer service teams. We will help you connect Salesforce Service Cloud with other SaaS applications and services through API Management or Web hooks to synchronize data between your CRM and your other legacy system(s).

Service Cloud Consultancy

We will provide you with a clear and concise roadmap for your Service Cloud strategy. We’ll ensure that you have the right architecture and plan to support your current and future business needs, reducing the risk of any surprises along the way. Our experienced consultants will work with you, to understand your business requirements and align them to your business objectives. By working in partnership with you, we will successfully design and implement a Service Cloud solution that meets your business requirements and contributes to long-term success. You will benefit from our expertise with Salesforce technologies, our proven consulting approach, and our global delivery model.

Service Cloud Analytics

With Service Cloud Analytics, we get you started fast with the essentials. You can view critical metrics and build reports that help you measure the success of your service organization against your goals. Redesigned from the ground up, we’ve made it easier than ever to access data on any device, whether you’re a service manager or agent. Because no two businesses have the same challenges, we give you the flexibility to find what’s right for your organization.

Managed Services

We offer a unique combination of engineering and implementation services, all staffed by experts who have deep knowledge of the platform. We offer a wide range of services, from data management to custom development. And because we offer them as a managed service, you get expertise with every implementation. With Service Cloud Managed service, we take care of all the routine updates and maintenance so you can focus on what matters most: growing your business. Our Managed Services offering is designed to enhance the availability and scalability of your Salesforce environment. It includes a 24/7 Help Desk that provides technical support by phone, email, or chat. And it can be expanded with additional services such as performance monitoring and reporting, security management and backup/restore.

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